April – Blog 2022

The JOYS of Nature

Ever since I was a little girl, I was surrounded by people who loved nature. My mother would often remind me, “did you see the hummingbird?” They would come to our Trumpet Vine Tree that mother always trimmed so that we could see the flowers better. I would often sit on the grass and watch how those beautiful hummingbirds went into the flower and backed out. Did you know that hummingbirds are attracted to the color and nectar, but “The other huge reason hummingbirds like trumpet vines is the shape of the blooms, which accommodate the birds’ long tongues. Scientists have long been mystified about how the process works but, in recent years, they have determined that the tongues operate much like tiny, very effective pumping mechanisms.” By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer.

Later I learned that Hummingbirds mean “Joy,” and now I know why. They are colorful, creative, as in making their dainty nests, and now, they come to my window when they return in the spring. That brings me joy!

My Aunt and Grandmother had a homemade birdfeeder outside their kitchen window. My aunt made a bird feeder from an old window screen, attached to a pole, where they put a layer of birdseed. All kinds of birds came, and I was intrigued by how my aunt took movie pictures of them. Indeed, it was joyful to sit by my grandmother and watch the birds.

 I find robins very entertaining! They only search for food on the ground, tilting their head and looking to find worms. It amazes me no matter how old I am! HA

Observing the lives of birds and animals, like wild turkeys, deer, bears, chipmunks, and more adds more joy. These creatures often remind me of people. Those who get along and those who don’t. Those who share and those who don’t.

Another favorite joy about nature is hearing the new sounds each spring. Recently we listened to the spring peepers, and what a thrill. When we lived on the mountain, we heard them loud and clear every spring, a chorus of songs reminding us that warmer weather was coming. And the blessed bullfrogs sounded off if we didn’t hear the spring peepers. HA

I could write a book about my love of nature and share many stories like sitting under the weeping willow tree daydreaming when I lived on the farm. I  often meditate with the Divine of Nature. There is a real connection, peaceful and full of joy!

 What joys do you find in nature?








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