September Blog – 2022

Passing The Peace

One of the rituals we enact at church is to pass the peace to each other by shaking hands or showing the peace sign. It symbolizes acceptance, love, and peace.

One does not have to be in church to pass the peace. For example, my neighbor and I often share something we made, and we share it. We laugh because we’ve passed this container back and forth, always filled with a treat. To me, it is a symbol of caring.

We all have examples of showing love and caring for others. For example, being a good listener, showing empathy for others, and looking for opportunities to be kind to others.

But how do we “pass the peace” to others in a world with much hate and division right now? How can we wage peace when so many leaders are waging war?

We can claim that Jesus, the Buddha, or St. Francis are excellent examples of peacemakers. But what is the point if we cannot be peacemakers and not live a life of compassion and kindness?

We can only change ourselves to live a life to be more accepting, honest, and forgiving. Then, we can all do something to help improve this world by passing the peace as a ritual and an act of kindness to others.

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