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Growing up in Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to experience the four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The times we lived in other places and didn’t have the four seasons, we realized how much we missed the changes. However, now that I’m older, I think Winter is for children. When I was young, I enjoyed ice skating, making tunnels in the snow and walking on the high drifts, trying to keep from falling through the crust and, yes, making angels. There is beauty in each season, of course.

Spring and Summertime are my favorite seasons for many reasons. I feel renewed in the springtime after the winter months. I love seeing the new growth of plants and buds popping. I enjoy watching the leaves turning different shades of green on the trees all over again, or observing the birds as they become very active and start looking for their home to nest.  Some birds, like the wrens, will go from birdhouse to birdhouse, checking which one they like the best, just like people.  There is a renewal in nature that brings me joy each year, and the cycle continues.

In my book “Teachable Moments – A Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery.” I included some of my mother’s poetry. She certainly was one of the first persons to help me appreciate nature. One of her poems brings it to light.

“Surrounded by Nature”

~ by Barbara M. Hauck

The roses are wild, but mosquitoes seem tame

They fly so slow, act like they’re lame!

The Birds, some are big, like the raven for one

He flaps his big wings until the set of the sun.

Then wee Jenny wren, how sweetly she sings

To all who will hear her, much happiness brings.

To this day, I love watching birds and hear their songs. For two years, the wren built a nest in the wreath on our front door, reminding me, “We’re still here.” 

Whether it’s anticipating “going barefoot” or enjoying nature like the wild turkeys, deer or bear with their new cubs, it is obvious that spring is here. I look forward to enjoying more adventures with nature as I leap into a new spring and summer.

Do you have a favorite season? What are the things you like during those months? 

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  1. What a beautiful expression of your thoughts on Seasons. Especially enjoyed reading your mother’s poetry.

    Having a favorite Season has changed with my age! As a kid and up until beginning of College, I loved Summer best. June, July and August held a sense of freedom for exploring, family trips to Cape Cod and August brought warm Summer nights. Not to mention the excitement of fireflies and fireworks. Now, I still love colorful fireworks and the sight of first lightning bug along with swimming.
    As a young adult the winner was Winter as snow brought skiing, sledding, skating and the warm glow of a fireplace with Holiday family traditions. No skiing or sledding these past Winters but a warm toasty fire with a warm blanket and hot cocoa is still my comfort zone.
    Up until two years ago Autumn won my heart as September was filled with intensity of prepping my classroom, October the first long weekend and then the onset of Holidays. Still love to gather colorful gourds, pumpkins and mums to decorate outdoors and take drives to see the foliage.
    Now in my mid fifties, Spring is it! The fresh, cool evenings, birds and the floral scents and green grass that I adore. Loving the chance to plant violets and pansies as soon as the daffodils are in bloom. A thrill to go from greenhouse to greenhouse to see vibrant colors, shapes and textures. Spring is also more enjoyable as the darkness lifts, long cold nights decrease and the time change is a boost to Spring Ahead and get moving!
    Oh. Love the Seasons of Life as their is a lesson in them all❤️Grateful to be alive and see, smell, hear, touch and taste Gods amazing creations with loved ones❤️

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