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July – 2021

Traveling – – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller ~ Ibn Battuta.

I wish you a happy July filled with good happenings! In my book “Teachable Moments – A Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery,” I have several stories about our trips after I was married. When I was growing up on the farm, the big outings we had were going on picnics, going to the Susquehanna River (to try to swim), and to local parks. (p. 75) We made good memories and loved mother’s homemade food. 

I was thrilled and ready to travel after we were married, and we were fortunate to see many places. (p.177) Those trips certainly created many stories.

We just returned from our vacation, visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Yellowstone, and Glacier Park in Montana. It was a gift to get out and travel after a year of being home-bound. We visited this area over 50 years ago. But we never get tired of the mountains, and to see The Grand Tetons was awesome. We took nature tours and enjoyed hearing stories about how people lived there in the 1800s. They were people full of courage!

We were happy to see the glaciers again. However, the tour guide said, all 26 glaciers there will probably be gone by 2030—sad news and a reminder that the earth is warming at an alarming rate.

One of the fun things I enjoyed was talking with people. If ever the conversation led to writing, I would tell them about my book. Sure enough, they began sharing their stories. People love to talk about their lives, and I encouraged them to write their stories. 

Traveling can undoubtedly give us many insights. We can write our stories, letting our imprints of memories.

Question: What do you enjoy about traveling and seeing new sights or returning to places you love? Your comments are welcomed.

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