June Post – 2021

“June is a gateway to summer.” ~Jean Hersey

I hope the days in June bring you much laughter and joy. May the month be filled with compassion and caring. How can we make a positive difference in this world?  June is a reminder that it is the end of the first half of the year. Life is short, so let’s reflect on our blessings and enjoy the journey.

June 20th brings the summer solstice and invites the start of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the day to celebrate the most hours of daylight! For me, anticipating summer is always a thrill, especially enjoying my flowers, family, and friends. The flowers for June are among the most fragrant of all, the rose and the honeysuckle.

As I shared in my book, “Teachable Moments – A Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery,” my mother certainly enjoyed Nature, and it made an impression on my life. She had an excellent system for planting gardens, and she shared her joys listening to the songs of birds as she worked. One of her short, sweet poems is an example of her fondness for nature.

Surrounded by Nature ~ Barbara M. Hauck

The roses are wild, but mosquitoes seem tame 

They fly so slow, act like they’re lame!

 The birds, some are big, like the raven for one

He flaps his enormous wings until the set of sun.

 Then wee jenny wren, how sweetly she sings

To all who will hear her, much happiness brings.

 What words of inspiration can you share about Nature?




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  1. Mother Nature gives us gifts each day…to see them and be grateful is a lesson every time we spend time with her. The inspiration she provides is endless…like Summer when you are a kid being able to explore and be on adventures. I will share that each Summer is more precious than the last…for it’s a season with fireflies, songbirds and evenings with beautiful warm nights and soft breezes. All the senses are inspired during this time of the year and most of all its time to celebrate my beautiful mother’s birth.

    Thanks for sharing your mothers poetry. So beautiful.

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