October – 2020

“Living in Gratitude”

The word “gratitude” has a simple definition but powerful words. According to the dictionary, it reads, “the quality of being thankful; and to show appreciation.” If you read the story in my book, “Living in Gratitude”, you will notice when my mother’s teachings of “gratitude” made an impression on me. I was very young, but it stuck with me, as an essential aspect of everyday living.

I remember years ago reading about keeping a “Gratitude Journal.” At first, I wasn’t very enthused but soon found making a list of my blessings was fun. I discovered it is beneficial to see the words on paper. Of course, I have my moments when I complain and get off track, but I still have the desire to count my blessings. “Sandra, think of all the children who do not have enough food to eat each day. We need to be thankful for this food.” Yes, that reminder still stays with me.

Today we are living through a pandemic, and life can often feel upside down. What if we showed more gratitude toward others in the face of adversity? What if we replaced bashing and bullying with being more caring, bringing out the best in ourselves and others? What if we made a list each day, long or short of our many blessings? What if “Living in Gratitude” helped to change the world?

What memories do you have, about being taught to be thankful, and saying “thank you?” What are you most grateful for today?


4 Comments on “October – 2020”

  1. What a lovely post, Sandy, as always. I am grateful for a thousand things, mostly the loving, wonderful people in my life, even though I can’t spend time face to face with them right now. I am so happy there are so many wonderful people in the world with me today doing good things. I am thankful for the beautiful sunshine and the beauty of Nature around me. And for my little fur peeps too. I am thankful to hear the giggles of the elementary children out playing in the playground today. I am thankful for all of the blessings of this world xo

    • Thank you Dear Jen,

      I felt the joy as I read your comments. I agree with you. To have wonderful people in our lives, makes a huge difference for me too. I feel very blessed!

  2. A very eloquent post Sandy. Gratitude is free and when shared it can feel like we have found a pot of gold. Early memories of being taught the importance of taking time to write a thank you note for every gift I was given or to someone who did something nice. A pastime that now seems to be happening but in a different form of a text, tweet or voicemail. I love writing notes and it is a simple gesture that the pandemic has given us a bit of time to do again. There are plenty of people that enjoy the special touch of a handwritten note.

    I am thankful for the safeness I feel in my home and the joy of being able to see the seasons change. Grateful for the opportunities I have been given in this last year and look forward to more memorable moments with friends and families.

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